How We Got Backyard Chickens Chapter 4

It’s been awhile since my last installment of ‘How We Got Backyard Chickens’. So, I’m ramping this up through completion of the coop so I can finally introduce our three queens of The Cracked Egg Breakfast Joint in Chapter 5.

If you missed the first three installments or just can’t remember where I left off (or care)… you can find them here.

Fast forward after roofing…


… and priming and winterizing to the following spring, my mom and son were ready to finish up!

Building a coop

And finish they did!


This super nice and sturdy door was a wonder to me because they just somehow made it happen!


My youngest was thrilled to finally get a chance to help. Give a man a power tool and well, just see how happy it made him…


Some serious business going on here… Smile


One of my favorite pictures is this one of two generations working together side by side. A lot of experience, love and craftsmanship has and will continue to come from these hands.


Ready for tenants…


Finally. Finally! We have a fully insulated, ready for tenants, chicken coop! I present to you The Cracked Egg Breakfast Joint!


So the coop is ours and we love it. Dear to my heart because two of my favorite people created it. If you haven’t read the whole story, I hope you will because the memories this project created were funny, frustrating, heart warming and just priceless really.




Next, get ready to meet the babies!

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