Cooking Healthy At Whole Foods Market

Are you a regular shopper of Whole Foods Market? Or, are you like a lot of people and a little intimidated when entering this fresh, pretty, and healthy-living centered grocer? Because that was me, intimidated and overwhelmed, several years ago when my husband and I decided to make a switch to purchase mostly grass-fed meat and free-range chicken. Whole Foods Market was the only option for these items in our area and my initial shopping trips to WF ended with me buying the meat and chicken and not really even looking at the rest of the store. But over time, I started browsing the aisles more thoroughly and was surprised to realize that many other products I typically only bought at my “regular” grocery store were priced the same and were sometimes lower at Whole Foods. What? I know, I was amazed myself. But now I have several favorite items that I love to buy at Whole Foods and it’s a regular stop along my menu shopping route.

I’ve talked with so many friends who tell me “I just don’t know what to shop for there or where to even start”. So, starting in April, I’ll be writing a monthly, sponsored post about how to navigate and shop at Whole Foods. I’ll take a $100 budget and purchase items and then make several recipes out of the purchased ingredients that I’ll share with you.

I’m also excited to share a fun new opportunity that I’ve been given at my local Whole Foods. Last week, I hosted my first cooking class called ‘Cooking On A Dime’ at the Whole Foods Market in Draper, Utah and will continue classes at this location where I’ll share healthy recipes and basic cooking techniques for saving money while eating healthy. For the first segment, I shared two recipes that could be made in a short amount of time using one rotisserie chicken. If you too are looking to stretch your healthy shopping budget, try Chicken Skillet Enchiladas (shred the breasts to use in this recipe) and my favorite Chicken Salad recipe (shred or chop meat from the thighs and drumsticks). Or use the breast meat for one of the previously mentioned dishes and then use the rest of the chicken for Chicken Tomato Noodle Soup.

Cooking Healthy At Whole Foods Market

And one last note about rotisserie chicken – This convenience food is great to also cut and serve it as-is with other side dishes when cooking the entire meal isn’t in your plans. During the class, I demoed how to best cut up a rotisserie chicken with large portion servings for a family of four. The video here is a great tutorial if you need it.

If you live in the greater Salt Lake area, check out when my next class will be as well as other classes hosted at the Draper location by going to Whole Foods Market Utah Facebook page. All Whole Foods Markets host regular events, no matter where you live, and you can find them here.

Note from Good Dinner Mom: Whole Foods did not compensate me in any way for this post. I’m a fan of their products as well as their mission.

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