Hello and welcome to Good Dinner Mom. My name is Sally and I really, REALLY love to be in the kitchen! Making fresh, unique dishes is my way of showing love for my family and friends.

A few years ago, my husband and I started to search for ways to incorporate more healthy eating into our lives. Fast forward through a lot of reading and personal research, including conversations with our medical doctors and a trusted professional naturepath. Today we have modified our eating habits of the typical American diet and I now enjoy creating great meals with whole foods, healthy fats, lots of fresh produce and minimal sugars, unless it’s an indulgent dessert or treat. We do eat red meat infrequently, and for our family, grass-fed beef is king. I don’t search out low-fat recipes as a rule, because I don’t feel that fat is the enemy as long as it’s healthy. I try to add as much colorful produce as possible, so concerns with too much fat, if you have any, ultimately become a non-issue.

Also, we now have 3 backyard chickens! I will be sharing with you how we became crazy happy chicken owners and you will meet the ladies of The Cracked Egg Breakfast Joint as well.

I started this blog to share some favorite recipes and connect with fellow lovers of food, like you! I also want to catalog some essential cooking/baking skill sets (that we will sometimes be learning together), as well as share recipes that are fresh, full of flavor and visual appeal.

You will see some beautiful desserts and sweet treats on my site. Some desserts will have many health benefits; use of fruits, spices and high quality chocolate. And some will just be for pure indulgence!

I want to share recipes that work for most families, with lots of flavor and that wow! factor we all appreciate. Please come back often and chat, share your thoughts and even try a recipe or two for yourself! I am honored you have come by today.

By the way,”Good Dinner Mom” was coined by my daughter many years ago when she would give me this treasured compliment from the heart.

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