So, it’s the weekend. Or it’s a Wednesday. Or it’s just any day that you don’t plain old feel like! have time to cook. There are several great reasons to skip messing up the kitchen and just ordering a big take-out-pizza. I know, pizza is still enriched flour and processed meats for the most part. So how to get a somewhat healthy pizza at a decent price?

We like Domino’s with their improved core pizza recipe, but any good pizza place will do. We usually get a 2-topping special for a good deal, and order the Marinara Sauce rather than the standard Hearty Tomato. When I order the pizza, I select two veggies that I don’t have in my fridge. Last night I ordered roasted red peppers and spinach. While it’s getting ready, I sautéed up onions, mushrooms, jalapeno, green peppers, broccoli and of course, garlic, using a small amount of olive oil.

When you bring the pizza home, just toss these babies on top and you have a great vegetarian take out pizza that is hearty and flavorful.


Try it sometime. Let me know what you think.


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