How We Got Backyard Chickens Chapter 3

That chicken coop “budget” I mentioned in Chapter 2 got thrown out the window in a hurry especially when my right-brained contractors were using words like “drastic” and “redo”. We were becoming well known at the local Home Depot for our visits to purchase another box of screws, piece of plywood or whatever else we “just might need”! That’s how creative-types roll. I should mention that Dave, my husband, is an Electrical Engineer and is the king of preplanning and forethought (to a fault, at times). Needless to say, it’s a good thing this little project was taking place while he was at work.

build a chicken coop

I mentioned their fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants way of getting the project going, but they really knew what they were doing, especially when it came to putting all the pieces together. And once the first real wall was up, I started to relax and actually continue my research on getting backyard chickens.

build a chicken coop

Once we finally had most of the supplies to really move things along, and I could see I was going to get a coop that would be cute but less drastic, I was dismissed to make lunch. I could hear snippets of conversations, and I was glad I was only in charge of taking pictures and fixing meals…

building a chicken coop

“Oh no, it’s not plumb!”. “We’re not building a house”… “I’ve got it all figured out”… “We just might know what we’re doing.”

backyard chicken coop

And as the Cracked Egg Breakfast Joint started to really come together, I couldn’t forget an important piece of the project. Thanking the financier for funding the project albeit with a little bit of complaining about the cost.

backyard chickens

One of my favorite steps in the project, right here.
Chapter 4 coming soon- Winter-proof this thing and get it finished up!

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