Char Siu Pork

Char Siu Pork

Char Siu Pork is guaranteed to be a favorite meat-appetizer or main dish in your house after you try this recipe. I know this because I’ve been testing it for a while now and every time I serve it I get such rave reviews, making this my new most requested... read more

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Focaccia Bread with Olives and Rosemary

Yeast breads can be tricky and not always a success. But this recipe for Focaccia Bread with Olives and Rosemary is so foolproof, it’s an excellent recipe for beginners. I’ve made this one several times now without fail and yeast breads are not my forte.... read more

Bombay Sloppy Joes

When I first saw a recipe for Bombay Sloppy Joes, I was intrigued because most homemade sloppy joe recipes I’ve tried are a little boring and honestly don’t really improve on plain ol’ Manwich canned mix. But these sloppy joes… THESE Indian,... read more

Chocolate Salami

Tell someone you’re making Chocolate Salami and watch the look on their face. If they’ve never heard of it, the look will not be one of enthusiasm or anticipation, rather one that might say “are you losing it?” or “Nooo thanks!” is... read more

Asian Pear Cole Slaw Recipe

This Asian Pear Cole Slaw recipe is not your average cole slaw! Unique ingredients that are super good for you and tasty as well (most important, right?). First of all, raw cabbage is becoming the new trendy vegetable thanks to it’s benefits in the cruciferous... read more
Hello and welcome! My name is Sally and I REALLY love to be in the kitchen. Making fresh, unique dishes is my way of showing love for my family and friends and I hope you’ll find both healthy and indulgent recipes that will inspire you… read more

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Turmeric Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I often have seasoned nuts and seeds around the house for a quick snack or easy recipe ingredient. And since pumpkin seeds are hugely popular with my husband and because he likes to sprinkle turmeric on just about everything (EVERYTHING), this recipe for Turmeric... read more

One Pot Pasta Primavera

My son barely waited for me to take the last picture of this One Pot Pasta Primavera before he started digging in and finished it all in a matter of minutes. So, here’s one super simple recipe, ready in less than 30 minutes, all in one pot with fresh vegetables,... read more

Savory Muffins with Smoked Salmon and Cheddar

Savory muffins are so versatile because they can go with breakfast or dinner and they could even BE lunch. The combination here is awesome- cheddar cheese, smoked salmon, chives or dill, and pink peppercorns. The result is a Scandanavian-inspired muffin that’s... read more

Easter Dessert Recipes

Easter dinner is right around the corner and if you’re still scratching your head for easy but impressive dishes, check out my collection of favorite Easter Dinner Recipes. And now let me share my absolute favorite short list of best… no, THE best Easter... read more

Easter Dinner Recipes

Spring is the prelude for a whole host of fresh, new, seasonal recipes. And (very early this year) spring means Easter, and Easter dinner. Easter dinner recipes typically feature ham as the star of the show. But as always, side dishes, appetizers, and dessert play a... read more

Oatmeal Cookie Crisps

Oatmeal cookies become crisp, paper-thin and lacy in these oatmeal cookie crisps. A versatile little crunchy, tasty cookie that takes just a few minutes and can be simple or fancy in no time. The presentation of oatmeal cookie crisp layered here with my homemade créme... read more

Creme Fraiche Recipe

Créme fraîche or sour cream, what’s the difference? Créme fraîche tastes similar to sour cream but with less tang and typically has a 10% higher fat content but doesn’t contain the gelatins or other ingredients needed to thicken sour cream. Also, créme... read more

Sichuan Green Beans

Sichuan Green Beans deliver incredible flavor in a hurry and you’ll soon realize the aromatic mix of cracked peppercorns, ginger, garlic and scallions will be fabulous over more than just green beans. Try it tossed over grilled chicken, steaks or stirred into... read more

Heirloom Beans

Dried beans have got to be one of the most versatile items in a pantry. Canned beans and legumes are excellent when you’re strapped for time, but when you can plan ahead, give dried beans a try; there really is a difference. And in talking about dried beans, not... read more

Caprese Lasagna Roll Ups

There’s a time for puttering around the kitchen, experimenting with a slow-cooked meal. But that time is not on busy week days. On a Monday night, puttering and experimenting in the kitchen? After a day of work, pet care, the gym or practice, laundry,... read more

Banana Cake

The other day, I had several over-ripe bananas ready to be baked into some goodness but I wasn’t in the mood for traditional banana bread. I wanted something light and a little fancy, so I turned to one of my favorite dessert cookbooks, Lee Bailey’s... read more

No-Cook Chocolate Pudding

When presenting recipes to my tasting team, aka my husband and 13-year old son, there are dishes that get feedback like “NEVER make that again” and “that was pretty good but not really blog worthy”… thank goodness there are enough that... read more

The Best Meatball Sandwich

Get ready because this might be the best meatball sandwich ever. At least the best my family’s ever had, for reasons I’m about to share. Plus the best because the first time I made it, people were actually fighting for the last bite. A couple of factors... read more

Pull Apart Cheesy Pizza Bread

Here’s a sure hit for your next party (Super Bowl, hello?) that not only satisfys a pizza craving, but it’s super impressive looking and fun to eat. Pull Apart Cheesy Pizza Bread is shown here with mini pepperonis, but you can switch out or add Italian... read more

Lasagna Soup

If you get a sudden craving for a really good lasagna dinner, usually you have to dine out to satisfy that craving. Because Lasagna made at home takes time, effort and can be expensive. Which usually relegates this dish to an All-Day-Sunday-Supper. But today I give... read more

Almond Joy Smoothie

Green smoothies are everywhere and I have my personal favorites, and not-favorites-but-drink-it-anyway. This chocolate beauty is a wonderful switch-over for a healthy treat or dessert and the combination of chocolate, almonds and coconut makes this obviously named the... read more
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