Fall signals more changes than just colder temperatures and back-to-school for our kids. Beautiful leaves on the trees, comfy clothing, all things pumpkin, until you can’t stand one more pumpkin latte’ and “can I just get a regular pancake?” – Fall weather also brings more snuggling, especially snuggling while watching your favorite renewed or much anticipated new television series. And speaking of TV, for many of us, this means the much awaited Football season, which means Football-Game-Watching parties! (Okay, I’ll admit, there is not one bit of snuggling going on during a high-charged Football game or any other Football game for that matter.)

I, for one, don’t care much about football itself as far as who wins and who advances. I’m totally confused about Hail Marys, flea flickers and I don’t think a football “gridiron” is anything like my backyard grill’s gridiron. But I’m over-the-top in love with football FOOD. And those of you who do pay attention to the game, and the stats, and have your Fantasy Football team… well, you love people like me, because my goal is to feed you real fans the best of my best during said Football parties. So, without further ado, here are my favorite Football food recipes (and yes, I spelled football with a capital ‘F’ because to you real fans, football is A Big Deal):

Best Football Food recipes

Appetizers are the quarterback at any food gathering and appetizer parties are the best, bar none. My game plan is to serve a hearty and tasty finger food or dip that’s good enough to get the attention, albeit brief, of hardcore fans who are actually watching the game.

My absolute favorite appetizers include Incredible Cheese Bombs that really are The-Bomb (and are the most-viewed by you on Good Dinner Mom); Bacon Wrapped Chicken will earn you a friend for life (like my friend, Kevin), or possibly even a marriage proposal if that’s what you’re after; Healthy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites are an amazing vegetarian alternative that even meat lovers will devour; and Loaded Baked Potato Dip is delicious with chips or vegetable sticks (or even on baked potatoes).

Best Football food recipes.

Main dishes like chili, hearty soup or beefy tacos headline at my half-time show. And if you’re looking to bring the star player to the game (enough football euphemisms now), try any of these favorite recipes:

Slow Cooker Texas Chili can be made mild or hot and is over the top served with fried onion rings; Buffalo Chicken Soup just might be better than Buffalo Wings and is quick and delicious; Big Fat Greek Tacos will put any taco bar to shame, so these make a perfect buffet-style meal, and My Best Baked Beans are just that and they make a great addition to any main dish and are amazing by themselves. Two other dishes that I MUST mention but aren’t pictured here; Slow Cooker Barbecue Wings. This recipe is so popular among my closest friends that I know if I didn’t mention them, I’d be sure to hear about it. And if you’re a huge football fan but you’re also hosting the meal, Skillet Chicken Enchiladas are tasty and authentic but best of all, they’re start-to-finish in only 15 minutes!

Here are other football food favorites that I’ve tried from some of my favorite food bloggers. I can recommend these with confidence as well:

I’ve made a similar version of these Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Peppers, but this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction will be requested again and again by guests and family, guaranteed. Sally definitely has me addicted to many of her delicious recipes.



And every get-together needs something sweet on the table. This Chocolate Chip Cheeseball is sweet, easy and yummy! Mel over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is one of the nicest people you’ll ever have the chance to know, and all her recipes are “tried and true, Baby!”:



If you’re serving cocktails at your party, check out the unique and gorgeous libations at Celebrated Spirits. I don’t drink but would love to have some non-alcoholic versions of these thirst-quenching beauties. Healthy juice mixes are also inspired here. Just subtract the alcohol. In fact, I’ve had this Muddled Cucumber Mint Cooler, and it’s refreshing and amazing:

Football Food 3a

So, Happy Fall to you and I hope you’ll try some of these recommendations at your next Football party. Or how about at your Halloween party, or during your favorite Fall TV lineup? Speaking of which, are you as excited as I am for The Blacklist, The Voice and Once Upon A Time? Check back because I’ll be scoring up some new recipes for you before The Super Bowl or Downton Abbey, whichever you’re more looking forward to. 🙂

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